Personal Dosimetry Service

Ending of ESR's Personal Dosimetry Service

Instadose 1

If you have fewer than 50 (or so) wearers at a single location/department and want to take control of your monitoring program, we recommend the self-read instadose service.  No more badge changeovers at the end of every monitoring period and dose information is available instantly.  Click here for the instadose 1 information sheet.

Genesis Ultra TLD

Technically superior four element TLD drop-in replacement for the PB15T badge.  If you're a large location, price conscious or happy with the set and forget nature of exchange TLD, then this is the recommended option.  Beta and neutron response plus an additional CR39 option for enhanced neutron response.  Click here for the Genesis Ultra TLD information sheet.

TLD Ring

For frequent wearers we recommend the sized MeasuRing.  Waterproof and can be cold sterilised.  For infrequent wearers or emergency kits we recommend the FlexRing.  Click here for the finger dosimeter information sheet.


If you have 50 or more TLD wearers or are a DHB needing TLD, please contact us for contract pricing information otherwise click here for the service price calculator.


If you are not already a RadPro customer please complete the account establishment form.

If you'd like to join the instadose service, please complete the instadose service establishment form.

If you'd like to join the TLD service, please complete the TLD service establishment form.

If you have special requirements or a large number of wearers to change over, please contact us for the most convenient way of doing this such as sending through a recent wearer list or dose report.