Personal Dosimetry Service

MeasuRing™ TLD Dosimeter

Provides accurate readings of the radiation exposure to your extremities and responds to low or high energy beta, x-ray or gamma radiation.  MeasuRing™ is perfect for those who handle radioisotopes or perform interventional radiographic procedures.

MeasuRings consist of one natural lithium fluoride element and offer immersible, bar coded single-piece construction. You can work with MeasuRing anywhere, even in wet environments.

Built-in barcoding on the MeasuRing makes issue and control both easy and accurate. A second internal bar-code on the TLD chipstrate provides for foolproof chain-of-custody, history tracking and calibration for each individual chip.

Features of the MeasuRing TLD include:

  • Can be worn under surgical gloves
  • Individually calibrated
  • Can be cold sterilized
  • Available in four sizes and colours
  • Wearing periods from one week to one year

Radiation type (energy) Beta (MAX) (0.766 MeV - 5 MeV)
Photon (20 keV - 6 MeV)

Recommended wearing period One week to one year

Reporting quantity Personal dose equivalent as defined in ICRU 51 at a depth of 0.07 mm (skin)

Reporting units Millisieverts (mSv)

Minimum reportable dose 0.20 mSv

Useful dose range 0.20 mSv - 10 Sv

Download MeasuRing™ TLD Dosimeter Datasheet

Download MeasuRing™ Size Guide

Download Proper Wear and Care of Dosimeters Datasheet

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