New Look Badge

We’re pleased to announce the rollout of the new look Genesis Ultra TLD badge. Instead of exchanging fully assembled badges, a sealed TLD blister pack has become the unit of exchange with wearers retaining their own hard-moulded badge holder.

Aside from the hard moulded plastic casing and removable clip design of the legacy Genesis Ultra TLD badge, there is no difference in performance or measurement and the technical specifications for the badge remain unchanged.

The first set of badges will arrive pre-loaded in a new holder with either an integrated clip (DB is now BP) or a slot for an external loop clip (DL is now BL) to match the configuration of the legacy badge holder. Designated area and equipment monitors will ship without a holder as most often these are taped in place but please let us know if a holder is needed for these badge types.

The rollout of the new badge format is supported with new made to measure packaging. This allows us to reduce our range of boxes from ten down to two. Individual locations with over 60 badges will be packed into the required multiple of boxes. Multi-location shipments to a single address will continue to be consolidated inside a packaging outer.

The individual plastic zip lock bags loaded with up to six badges will be discontinued. These bags served to contain badges in name order for shipment and for chain of custody as badges received their final scan through the clear plastic badge once packed. Badges will continue to receive their final scan on packing, which will be relied on as proof of them being included in an order.

If you have previously received coloured holders, please review the Labelling section below for more information about how this is supported with the new badge format.

BP Instructions

Questions and Answers

Why the change?

The new format results in a lighter and lower profile badge. The holder provides freedom of rotation around the attachment point making it more resistant of knocking off in the workplace. Replacement badges are always perfectly clean and are sealed against the ingress of water and other contaminants.

A wearer has left, what happens with their badge?

Remove the TLD blister pack and return this with the other blister packs from the period when they are due for return. Retain the holder as an on-site spare or else you may dispose of it. The holder part does not need to be returned, only the blister pack.

A wearer has broken their holder, how do I organise a replacement and what’s the cost?

Let us know if a replacement holder is needed. Extra or replacement holders are available at no cost, but please refer to the Small Shipments section below as a contribution to shipping cost may apply. Locations are encouraged to retain a reasonable number of holders as these become available from removed wearers to have on hand for situations like this.

Do I need to explicitly request a holder for new wearers?

No. When we add a new wearer to a location, their first badge will ship pre-loaded in a holder. If we are sending a replacement badge for a badge advised as lost, this will also be pre-loaded in a new holder unless we are told explicitly that a holder is not required. In the absence of specific instructions, we will send the type of holder most used for your location. If you’d like a specific type of holder, please specify this when you ask us to add a new wearer.

Are there any changes to how I return my legacy badges?

No. Please do not disassemble your legacy badges and continue to return these fully assembled.

Will the printing on the label wear off?

The label is printed using a pigment ink that is light fast and offers good liquid resistance. As the label is no longer protected by a clear plastic window, wear and tear over time is expected from rubbing against clothing and other surfaces. Rigorous cleaning with detergents and some solvents should be avoided as this softens a coating applied to the blank label stock. Feel free to write on the label with a vivid or similar should this be needed. We have two other ways of identifying a badge in addition to the printed serial number and QR code and it does not matter if these markings become illegible.

How long have I got to return a worn badge?

Blister packs still need to be received at RadPro within 90 days of the last day of their as-issued wearing period. Badges returned on or after this time will incur the non-refundable 90+ day charge. We have no discretion over this charge which represents only a small portion of the cost of a new TLD card and the cost of calibrating this for use. If it’s any comfort, we are about as happy charging these fees as you are paying them!

Can I change holder type?

Yes. Once the dust from the initial changeover has settled, we will be happy to change holder types either for the location as a whole or for individual wearers based on their preference. If you’re unsure about what holder type might be best, we do recommend the integrated clip holder (BP). If you’d like to try an alternative option let us know and we will send up samples for you to try.


A new labelling system is being introduced to coincide with the rollout of the blister pack. Until this is fully implemented at both Mirion's and RadPro’s ends, there will be a mixture of label styles. The new RadPro label uses different colours to indicate the issue month making it easy to distinguish different issues from one another without detailed examination of the printed wearing dates.

Quarterly issues also use a seasonal glyph to identify the wearing period. For locations that had specified holder colours, the RadPro label will always print in this colour and the seasonal glyph can be used to differentiate between issues without needing to read the printed wearing dates. The new holders will also be marked with a coloured sticker on their back to assist with the transition.

Small Shipments

NZ Post have nearly doubled the price of our two smallest and most frequently used courier bag sizes with this price increase coming into effect on the 1st of July 2022. From this date, a $5.00 freight charge will be added to extra orders with a value of less than $50.00 plus GST.  This charge does not apply to your routine badge shipment.